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Meet our Team

Our Franchise Business Partner, Radi Burbar, has been in the hospitality industry since he was fourteen. Before Radi joined the Degani family, he owned an independent café; he says “I love the flexibility and being my own boss at Degani. Degani has given me a blank canvas”. He tells his employees, “if you do things with love and care, it shows on your plate” and this is noticeable in his signature eggs benny and pork ribs with house made chilli sauce. Although, when asked what his favourite meal is, he says “there’s simply too many!”

Radi is an entrepreneur and since he opened Zetland’s doors in 2016, he has made an investment in social media. While he proclaims he is not tech savvy, he makes up for this by being passionate, creative and has great taste in food! He admits he first thought social media and marketing his small business was a little daunting, but he has had the support of Degani’s business development team, Zetland’s shopping centre management, his employees and most importantly, his wife! He now sees social media as part of the ‘bigger picture’ and a means of putting his business in front of his customers every day. On the topic of being socially active, Radi says the key is, “being ahead of the trend. You have to change quickly and not be scared of being out there socially. However, it’s a double-edged sword – your service, your environment and your attitude must be completely customer focused.” Radi has grown Degani Zetland by adapting his menu to his local demographic; this is notable in his newest menu launch (which features the pork ribs I’m still drooling over). He also utilises a different marketing channel to promote his functions and catering business, for which he has an entirely different approach.

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