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Steps to Launching your 



Starting well in any small business is important. We know this from our collective 100-years of experience in the hospitality, cafe and coffee industry! For a new franchisee entering Degani, there is a formal start up process that occurs to ensure you are prepared and your cafe has every success! 


The first step to building your own cafe dream is to get in touch with us! We are dying to get to know you and find out about your dream cafe. After you register your interest, we will give you a call to discuss the procedure in moving forward. Have a little think about your budget investment, where your dream location is and what type of model you dream of operating. Once we e-meet with you, we will send you our confidentiality agreement which is required to allow us to share details on the opportunity. 

Our newest cafe owner, Puneet from Hope Island went through this process recently! He got in touch after applying for an advertisement for Degani’s Hope Island opportunity. The Degani team chatted to Puneet and found that he is a passionate hospitality professional, who has a focus on delighting customers and the dream to own his own cafe.  He and his family live locally and want to make their Degani a part of their community.


After we receive all the nitty-gritty stuff from you (the confidentiality agreement), we’ll organise a time to meet with you over a coffee (this is our favourite part)! This is your chance to ask us your burning questions. When the Degani team met with Puneet from Hope Island (who we now know drinks a cappuccino) we brought him to Degani head quarters in Brisbane and then met in the Hope Island area to suss out the shopping centre location and local competition. We loved getting to know Puneet during this process and he quickly became part of the family! We also set Puneet up with Degani cafe owner Bob, from Calamvale who was able to support Puneet through the franchising process – having gone through it himself! 


Starting a business is a big decision and before committing to a Franchise Agreement or a lease, Puneet sought professional legal and business advice, reviewing the Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement. He further studied the shopping centre and the location and the surrounding competition. He worked with the Degani management team to build his business plan and create the brief on what his Degani would become. Puneet’s relationship with other cafe owners within the Degani network was helpful in understanding what he was getting into (but by this stage, he said he was already hooked on Degani coffee!). 


At this point, we will request a business plan and get you to complete a personality review to assess your suitability. If successful, we will approve you as a franchisee! The most exciting part! 

Once Puneet understood the business opportunity and the support provided by Degani to help him achieve his dream café, he entered into the Franchise Agreement and then the Lease contract with the shopping centre.


Okay, the important stuff! As the franchisee and business owner, you will undergo Degani’s training program. Puneet began the training program in chilly Victoria where he was introduced to Melbourne cafe culture (where we began!) through a combination of Degani café visits and operational training sessions at the Degani Support Centre. His training then continued in Brisbane, with practical in store experience working alongside his dedicated Business Development Manager and Degani cafe owners (including Bob from Calamvale who became a close mate!). 


The next step is to negotiate and sign a lease with the landlord. We will assist you in negotiating the best possible terms! 

During the five-week training program Puneet undertook, Degani worked with him to create a design brief that would make Degani Hope Island a new favourite in the community. Together, we chose a Hamptons-inspired theme, to match the resort lifestyle in the area, with the ‘wow factor’ of a classic timber boat mounted in the wave lined ceiling to make an impression (you have to see it for yourself!). A budget was determined by Puneet and the team worked with designers and builders to achieve an economic, but unique and beautiful Degani café with a fresh and exciting menu tailored to the local market.

If you have a particular location in mind, we can assist you in finding the most successful site for your dream cafe. We have over 100 years experience so we believe we know what it takes to open a successful business! 


The Degani support team worked with Puneet at every turn to create success – from marketing, team recruitment, menu development and training, all the to the café set up and operation. Degani Hope Island opened on the 11th July 2019 to the relief of the coffee loving local community, who queued to get a table! 

Not only that, Puneet’s Business Development Manager will work continually with him. Puneet has the whole Degani support team to lean on at anytime! 


Once established, your Degani team will coach you to set goals and increase profitability by focussing on attracting new customers and delivering first-rate quality, service and cleanliness. Here, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself! 

So, does this sound like the right business fit for you. What are you waiting for? Register your interest with the Degani franchise today and follow Puneet’s steps to becoming your own boss! 



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